What Does a Title Search Do – Part I

Many people buying property are unfamiliar with exactly what a title search is—or why it’s so important. After all, if I’m buying the house and you’re selling it, I already know who has the title, right? Well, not exactly. That’s where a title search comes in, and it’s why you need well-trained professionals, like the…
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What Does a Title Search Do – Part II

Possible and common issues arising from a detailed Title Search: A mechanics lien is another fairly common problem. If a contractor did work on a building and for whatever reason the owner didn’t pay what was owed, the contractor may file a lien to get his money. A judgment lien is a legal ruling by…
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What Does a Title Search Do – Part III

Finally, some properties may have what are called private and deed restrictions, often referred to as CC&Rs, or covenant, conditions, and restrictions. These are especially common when looking at condominiums or some subdivisions. These rules usually address uniform expectations designed to maintain the value of the area. For example, if you buy a townhouse and…
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